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are affecting mitt romney's bid for election. >>> they could move the entire case for sheriff ross mirkarimi out of san francisco. >>> and in san francisco, everyone is buzzing about the introduction of the i-pad we will have how the market will react. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> well, good morning to you, welcome to a brand-new day, it is march 7th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, thank you for waking up with us, we have steve paulson, it is not as windy as yesterday? >>> there are still gusts over 30 in some of the higher elevations there is not a cloud for a long, long way and temperatures will start to come up as the winds start to turn easterly and mid-60s after a cold morning. >>> coming up to the willow pass grade, no major problems although it is slow in antioch going west. 80 westbound trying to get to the bay bridge there is already a backup there, 6:01 let's go back to the desk. >>> police in sunnyville are investigating a shooting. officers found the bodies of two people inside a home in a usually quiet neighborhood. tara moriarty is in sunnyville with more on
, says romney is not the one to trust. >> u.s. soldier will be formally charged today with 17 counts of murder for the killing of eight is adults and nine children. originally the number was 16 but military authorities changed that to 17 yesterday raising the number of adults killed by one. he was also accused in an incident involving alcohol and violence in washington state back in 2008 but prosecutors did not file charges in that case. >>> we're also now learning about an effort to raise money to help pay the legal fees for sergeant bail. people who support the idea for a defense fund for him want to make sure he gets a fair trial. but the idea of a defense fund for bail also generated a lot of negative comments on line. >> time now 6:06. video surfaced showing the commander of the narcotics enforcement team making an alleged drug deal. this video of norman welsh, you see him here in court. the undercover video shows him alistening with private investigator alegendly selling a pound of method amphetamine. he stole the drugs from a police evidence locker. they are awaiting trial on
for mitt romney, that gives him a 12 point lead over rick santorum. allison burns has what is at stake for each of the candidates, allison? >> reporter: dave with more than 400 delegates up for grabs, that is 20% at the national republican convention. it is something mitt romney wants to show he has the momentum to win. >> it is our 5th state in a row with washington state. this is good news. >> reporter: their biggest fight is in ohio where poles show they are running neck and neck. >> i know it is lining up behind the guy with the most money, but we have some courageous people in ohio who have stood by us. >> ktvu channel 2 morning news is looking for southern wins but rick santorum is narrowing the gap in tennessee, and a national pole out this morning shows who most americans belief will be the -- believe will be the next gop winner, i will have that in my next half hour, allison burns ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> we will have all the election results from the 10 state contests as they start coming in of course tonight and on ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> john mccain is calli
mitt romney today. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us on this monday morning. march 26th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. rosemary is here. ready or not more rain? >> here it comes. we are already eyeing the next storm. today will be dry. just cool below normal. a chilly start this morning. 30s and low 40s in parts of the north bay. 47-degrees in san francisco. if i back this up for you, you will see there it is. high clouds will approach the coast by tomorrow or tonight or today and then we've got rain in store for tomorrow. i was trying to give you storm tracker but i gave you the wrong map. i'll show you the details on that if a few moment -- on that in a few moments. >>> also this mornings commute looks good in san francisco. along the james lick freeway. let's go back to the dave and pam. >>> there is a major development in a story we first broke on friday's mornings on 2. a man is in custody in suspicion of five murders. tara moriarty is in san francisco right now to tell us about this suspect a
, the republican presidential race heats up. the big new endorsement mitt romney picks up today in the race for president. ktvu channel two morning news continues. >> bay area coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning. thanks for joining us this friday morning. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. you can't start the day without knowing what the weather is like. steve paulson knows. >>> we have mostly cloudy skies but once that burns off, this system is moving north. today looks mostly sunny and it's partly cloudy now. that's going to get temperatures to warm up. i think south and upper peninsula to low 70s. here asocials. >>> traffic is moving along on 237 as you cross 880. you can see traffic looks good here. no major problems. also, the morning commute is moving well in san jose. we're off to a nice start. the freeway traffic looks good on 280 northbound, getting up to highway 17. now, let's go back to the desk. >> time now, 6:01. we have developing news coming in from san francisco. a homicide investigation happening right now. police found the body
romney right there. he's holding a town hall meeting in jackson, mississippi. these are live pictures we are watching. he was looking one way. just turned. everyone is facing the other direction right now. that is him right in the middle of your screen. they are doing the pledge of allegiance there. mitt romney and others are focusing on mississippi and alabama just ahead of their primaries next tuesday. newt gingrich also campaigning in mississippi today. rick santorum is beginning his day in alabama. romney again is there listening they are saying a prayer right now. mitt romney is not expected to win the southern states according to the experts. newt gingrich and rick santorum are looking for wins in the south to boost their campaigns. as for ron paul, he has a campaign appearance today in missouri which will be holding its primary on march 17th. >>> you can actually see russia from land here in alaska. >> republicans are criticizing a new hbo movie called game change. it debuts tomorrow. the movie focuses on john mccain's selection of sarah palin as his vice presidential running mate
at stake. rick santorum is predicting another surprise upset because he says mitt romney is a weak front-runner. >> i would love to be able to get one-on-one with governor mitt romney and expose the record that would be the weakest record we could probably put up against president barack obama. >> rick santorum has the same characteristics as his president, but right now we need somebody who understands the economy fundamentally. >> now here is the delegate count, mitt romney's lead grows to 521, rick san reverend bartley sorensen 233 and rand paul has 50. republican candidates need 1144 delegates to clinch the nomination. >>> a consulter watchdog group plans a meeting in san francisco. they will be urging them to reject pg&e's controversial plan involving upgrading its natural pipeline system and the group says it is not fair. pg&e said higher bills are necessary to make sure every gas line is safe after the disaster in san bruno. >>> back over to tara in for sal this morning and how is it going? >>> you will need chains on 880 and interstate 80 as well. no delays in san francisco, ther
on the campaign trail. romney caused a big uproar when he opposed it but his aides said he misunderstood the question. we will have live coverage in about an hour. for now live from washington d.c., allison burns ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> a bribery for joseph bay the 4th, they say bay offered a guard money and sports tickets in exchange for a cell phone. bay is a former leader of the black muslim bakery. he is charged three consecutive life sentences after ordering the killing of three men. >>> sheriff ross mirkarimi's 0 domestic violence trial, yesterday the judge issued three critical rulings. the judge denied a request from eliana lopez, she wanted the judge to dismiss the videotaped statement eliana lopez made to the neighbor that her husband harmed her during a fight. they are punishing the prosecution for releasing still photos to the media. jurors are filling out questionnaires. it includes how much they know about the case and asks whether they know sheriff ross mirkarimi or his wife eliana lopez. the jury pool contains one person who knows sheriff ross mirkarimi quite wel
from outside the supreme court which is supposed to be even bigger than yesterday. mitt romney will continue campaigning after spending the night here he will head over for a fun raider. doesn't first paid as much as $25,000 to a tend that event. the group wants somebody with a business background in the white house. >> he is not ronald reagan but he has ideas that are very strong. >> i think certainly here in northern california where he is doing his fundraising, odds are on favorite because we have more moderate republicans here. >> dozens of protesters showed up and they around how mitt romney support -- they argue mitt romney supports corporate greed. >>> they are going to be at the alamo home of mark pine. rick santorum will also hold a campaign rally at the jelly belly factory and that rally gets underway at 4:00 and that one is open to the public. >>> in overnight news, san francisco police are investigating a stabbing at the city's newest occupied camp. the stabbing victim it found overnight in the finance that'll district. the victim was stabbed in the next but is exp
lopez thinks of all this coming up. >>> time is now 6:36 republican candidate mitt romney chalks up another victory. >> today hundreds of thousands of people in illinois have joined millions of people across the country to join our cause. >> mitt romney won 47% and 12 points ahead of rick santorum. rick santorum is happy with the results and he is looking forward to the next contest. >> we will head to louisiana from here, we are feeling very good about winning louisiana on saturday, i might add. >> now newt gingrich has been focusing his campaign hoping for a victory there. rand paul met with voters in southern california even made an appearance on the tonight show. he picked up 44 delegates in illinois and has 453 delegates, that is almost half of what he needs to win the nomination. >> rick santorum has 163, rand paul right now has 50 delegates. >> this morning, the san francisco bay is getting an extra large visitor. the ship at the top of this picture is the container ship which may look fairly big but it is longer than four football fields. at 2:00 it will sale before docking
private fundraising in alamo. >>> now former president george bush will endorse mitt romney for his republican nominee. he will meet with him for a photo opt. former senator marco rubio endorsed mitt romney and marco rubio has been mentioned as a possible candidate. >>> coming up, the message the president has for republicans to want to keep those subsidies. >>> back here in the bay area, young people have a chance to create a working of art which is sure to catch the eye of a lot of east bay commuters. cal strand is calling to -- cal trans has a deadline to submit art deco drawings. it has eliminated students from kindergarten through high school. you creative adults need not apply. >> i am not creative, my kids are, not me. >> 6:07 is the time, let's check in with sal. >>> the art deco, it is very catchy. >> it will be really neat. >> let's go out and take a look at the commute, traffic is moving along relatively well, i would say in san francisco, where so many people are trying to come in from every which way, san francisco is coming in from the peninsular and it looks good all
in alabama. in mississippi santorum came away with 33%. gingrich had 31%. romney 30% and paul 4%. >> the crowds we had in alabama and mississippi and i just have to tell you i was so encouraged. all polls were showing us trailing. and they kept coming out and saying we believe in you. we will go out and work hard. we will make the difference. >> there have been speculation gingrich would drop out of the race if he didn't win in alabama or mississippi but he is vowing to press on. overnight mitt romney did win the caucuses in hawaii. up next is missouri which holds its caucus this saturday. >>> 6:48 is the time. back to sal to check in on the roads. it will rain most of the day. tough commute. >> it is a little bit of a tough commute. it's raining mostly this morning when it comes to down to heavy rain. but the afternoon could be showers for your commute. that means you need to be on alert. let's take a look at interstate 880 in oakland. there have been a lot of fender benders out there. just too many to mention. there is another one reported on 101 northbound. watch out for that
university a lot more money which will end up hurting the university. >>> the polls are now open, mitt romney has another surprise upset. the two attacked each other in campaign appearances in illinois. >> i done think you will replace an economic light weight with another economic light weight. my career was spent in the economy. i didn't learn about the economy just reading about it or hearing about it in the faculty lounge at harvard or debating it in congress. >> money does not buy elections, he has been outstanding 10 to 1 and it is not wanted in the election. >> a washington d.c. memorial will be the focus of a hearing on capitol hill. the memorial depicts eisenhower as a barefoot young boy from kansas, however eisenhower's family said it is offensive to the late president's legacy. >>> and in just the past 90 minutes some new express lanes finally opened in milpitas after a week long delay. highway 3 -- 237... >> reporter: we are on 237 east of the road and you can see it is getting backed up, and if we show you the far left lane, cars are zipping through there. before this morning, th
for the conservative that represents their values. >> mitt romney and ron paul haven't spent much time campaigning in mississippi or alabama. ron paul appeared at a town hall in missouri. >>> san mateo congresswoman jackie spears is chosen as one of the most fearless women. spears was chosen because she helped expose a problem with rape and sexual problems. & jennifer newsom. also attorney general kamala harris is on the list. and kidnapping survivor elizabeth smart for her work on stronger child protection laws. >>> time is 6:37. let's see how people are adjusting to the earlier hour. we had to move our clocks. everybody is out and about. are they sal? >> they are. the alarm clocks went off. but people might not be in their right mind. [ laughter ] but darker please drive carefully. we've had a bunch of fender benders. westbound bay bridge that is not looking good. very crowded. even 880 that delay. this is one of the thicker delays we've seen in awhile. it's backed up for a 15-20 minute delay getting on to the bridge. also the morning commute is looking pretty good here on interstate 880 but def
on to louisiana now. louisiana has a campaign event -- campaign votes next week. mitt romney now in missouri today. in fact, he has a campaign event after noon. those caucuses are scheduled for saturday. live in washington, scott macfarlane, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> new this morning, the white house announced that first lady michelle obama will lead the u.s. delegation to the olympic opening ceremonies of the 2012 summer olympic games in london. today michelle obama and the wife of british prime minister david cameron will take part in a mini olympics competition with school kids in the washington d.c. area. that's in celebration of the 2012 london summer olympics. british prime minister cameron and his wife begin an official two-day state visit at the white house today. tonight president obama and the prime minister will travel together to dayton, ohio to watch an ncaa tournament basketball game. tomorrow night there'll be a formal state dinner at the white house in honor of the british prime minister. >>> san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi's trial ended before it even began. that's because of
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15